The real meaning of “having a green thumb!”

I hear this expression and many of you may have heard it or used it: I don’t have a green thumb. Yep killed another one. I just don’t have the knack to grow plants or flowers. Folks, with many bows, it is usually not the plant that is at fault. Hehe. Actually a “greening of the thumb,” might be an indication of of doing the due diligence to understand what the plant needs, and then providing these elements. The following are some landscaping strategies for your successful gardening.

1-Most plants are either sun lovers, or shade lovers. Some can take an inbetween posture but may not be quite as productive as they would be in their favorite environment.

2-Some plants need a ton of water, read Hydra-ngeas. Others like daylilies and succulents, not so much.

3-All plants would like to be fed, periodically, to establish healthy foliage growth and bloom, berries, etc.

But when I go back to visit gardens that we have installed, I can tell right away when plants are just in exist mode, versus Kaboom mode. The A number one element to creating a successful landscaping garden is proper and consistent watering.

I will present my ideas about what proper watering is based on decades of experience, in the coming week. Stay tuned!

Sometimes plants can exist with ill treatment, read lack of water, but they will not thrive and or grow to be the beauties that they should be!!

Happy Sunday

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